Sunday, June 22, 2008

I actually don't have the mood...

I thought i would just drop by and reply some comments if i have one (which i don't).
A bit lazy you see.

Last week i met an ex-classmate while heading out for lunch.
We were friends at primary school, and a good one at that.
It was touching really, when you haven't met for so loooooong and yet that friend of mine still remembers my name.
My chinese colleague can't even pronounce my name correctly after 5 tries, and yet he remembers it easily.
And before you ask me 'do you remember his name?' i'll answer first; yes i do.
I used to call him 'baboon' because his name is Teoh Boon Leong. I know it was bad of me to call him that but we were kids; not matured enough, you see? hehe.

When somebody you knew from a long time ago still remembers you, you know you did something right.
My mom who sometimes go to my sister's school (the youngest one; Standard 4) often said to me that some of the teachers there still remembers me.
Now, to tell you the truth; I wasn't the most popular nor the excellent type of student at my primary school years.
So, i was astonished to find that some of my ex teachers still remember me!
I had one teacher who taught me when I was Standard 1 (that was 14 years ago!); when she met my mom and sister, she asked them how was i doing with my studies. I remembered her name too.
She was Pn Mashitah.
And then there was my Standard 4 teacher; Pn Suria.
And an ustazah who i can't remember her name (really devastated that i can't remember her) who remembered me too.
It leaves a good feeling.
And sometimes it energizes me or motivates me to do better at my studies.
They were concerned with my studies and how well i am doing with my life. I really appreciate their sacrifices they had made for me, giving me the best education that a student can have.
Thank you my teachers.
If i meet you somewhere, i'll make sure i'll say hello.

Back about my friend, I've got to say, that's why i love Subang Jaya.
It's a close-knit community.
At school, most of them live very near to one another. And so, we often bump to each other.
Very nice indeed.
I have a bad memory and i cannot remember most of my ex-classmates names but i do recognize them when i see one.
Most often than not, they remembered my name. Yes, i know it's bad on my part.
I should try harder to remember their names.

I guess that's all for today, or this week i guess. hehe.

Just another random ramblings.

Monday, June 16, 2008

lazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy aren't i?

lazy @ malas.
tired after a long week. No rest!
What the heck! I work on Saturday! Not like you lucky chums...

Finally my all time favourite team Holland is on fire!
Always dogged by internal strife, they never got going in those big tournaments; especially World Cup. Waste all those precious talent they had...

Haven't got the time to watch football. Too early in the morning! Work! And i'm bored of the training. Audit/tax is boring. Desk job is boring. I envy my brother...he gets to fly!

Don't want to go back study either. I hate accounting. Never good at it too.

If only life were simple. Never had. Never will.
We should just be thankful of the life we had. It's hard to be thankful. I admit...

I'll write a better blog when i had the time, probably. Life's full of 'em; probabilities and maybe(s).

Night. Just another random ramblings.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


One thing I just can't get enough of is running into goddamn walls!
I was so high on confidence! I took the tests and quizzes quite well, and I thought the final was doable/scorable.
AGAIN! I faltered at the point where it mattered most maybe; the finish line!
Imagine you're one step away to becoming a champion in a 100m dash, but then you tripped on your own shoelaces and the last person finished in front of you. That sucked. Hardcore.
But, I have experienced it maybe too much for my own good. I'm basically exasperated. I decided not to care anymore.

Ah! It seems that my company is very professional!
Saturday of the 2nd and 4th week of the month is working day! Imagine that! 6 days a week!
I hope it's only half-day. I was basically an empty tank at the end of Friday. Was I ever this relieved to reach weekends?!

I watched a bit of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children yesterday night. I've watched it already, but I can't stop the urge to watch it again. My favourite part has got to be the Tifa fight and Cloud's fight with Sephiroth. Cloud's finishing blow; the Omnislash against Sephiroth is simply orgasmic!

Sephiroth vs Cloud - The highlight of the movie

People doesn't seem to appreciate the effort animators who did this amazing piece of art; they always refer it (kind of degradingly, actually) as cartoons!
Now, cartoons and animations are definitely different! It's like comparing a durian with a rambutan.
Cartoons doesn't take into consideration the physical reality of the world; meaning gravity, movements, symmetrical shape, basically logic.
Animation, meanwhile take into consideration all of the aspects. Characters doesn't become flat when they fall to the ground.
I read that just to animate a strand of hair for a monster in the movie Monsters Inc. the animators spent days! Imagine how many days it took to finish a monster just so that it looks realistic when wind blows on the hairs. That's committment, people.

How many hours used just to make his furs that realistic?!

Well, Japanese are pros in these things. So, watch out for their productions. One of the most renown animation studio in the world is Studio Ghibli. They produce high quality animations that are family-themed.


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Too early to feel great...

How's my practical training?
It went pretty well for a start.
But, it's barely been 3 days. I haven't made anyone mad/angry with me yet.
Not to say it is bad, it's good!
Somehow i feel like i'm going to get it sooner or later, when tough assignments are given to me.
So far, all i've been doing are simple stuff, like typing and filling forms.
I haven't got the auditing accounts assignments yet.
I suck in financial reporting, and pretty slow doing it too.
They're always constrained by dateline, and i never flourish under pressure unless that work interests me.
It's still early though to make conclusions.
I'll wait for a few months before i give out the "Argh! Dammit!" sign.


Sunday, June 1, 2008


Few things happening in June, practical training and EURO 2008 of course.
There's a conflict of interest going on; mainly because i'm a footballholic and the matches, i assume, is in the early morning.
I'm afraid I won't be watching the matches, because i'm terrified of falling asleep during my training.
Tomorrow is my first day as an intern, and I am feeling very nervous. No working experience, don't know what to expect, and i'm afraid i'm not that independent and can't handle doing work alone.


It seems my friend felt more guiltier than me.
So, to make my friend feel good, i edited the post.
Didn't intend to make you feel bad there; i just thought i made an embarrassing mistake.
That is all.