Saturday, January 26, 2008

You thought it was for our best, but...

I attended a motivational seminar/speech (or whatever you call it) today, and i don't feel motivated at all.
I guess it didn't have the desired effect in me.
Besides, i was forced to attend it as well. How motivational.
I nearly didn't attend it, because i wasn't informed. Lucky me i was informed by someone.
Apparently the faculty expect the students to always check the notice board at level 11 for any messages or announcements.
Not only the announcement and the name list for those who must attend the speech was posted late, they also posted it at some obscure, hidden place!
And they punish you if you don't attend it! "Tindakan disiplin"!
Forget about that.

The seminar/speech was intended for the weak students who got cgpa below 2.90.
They LIST the names, POST it LATE, let EVERYONE read it, and leave all the HUMILIATION to those whose names are listed (including me of course)
They want it to be a motivational speech; they want us to be motivated and study harder and get better grades.

Well, this is my opinion (my blog, of course my opinion!)
They totally didn't consider the difference in psychology each person possess.
I, for one, aren't impressed and motivated.
To me it's humiliating.
2.6 is humiliating enough, list my name as a weak student is humiliating enough, FORCE me to attend motivational speech is OVER THE LINE!
I know my weaknesses, i know what to do, i am motivated already.
I don't need someone i don't know to tell me that i am stupid and i need to change.
A friend confessed at the speech he felt shame because the girls at the reception counter knew him and are friends to him. Now they know he's a weak student.
He did say it somehow motivated him.

The conclusion is, motivational seminar/speech will be effective if they are attended by those who WANTED to be motivated.
I'll attend one as well if i feel i am not motivated enough.

Now, anyone can give me an idea what topic i should present for BEL??

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Well, well!

This is a surprise.
I thought i lost the blog. I tried logging in one day and failed.
Tried again, failed again.
Tried again, failed again!
So, i thought i lost it.
Really disappointed at that time.
Amazingly, out of pure luck i guess, i managed to log in!
I was surfing the internet on Papa's laptop, and i found out he bookmarked my blog.(tq!)
So, i decided to drop by and visit.
Tried logging in, and IT WORKED!
I can start blogging again!