Monday, March 17, 2008

Mixed thoughts and many more

Do you know what's the most irritating part of writing an essay?

Well,it wouldn't be a problem though if you actually have a subject to write on.
In my case, i always have none.
It is always the case of writing just for the sake of writing, you know?
It's like, my way of thinking is this;
What's the point of creating a blog if you don't write in it?
There's also the issue of why bother creating a blog if you don't write in it everyday?
Well, duh! It's not a diary or anything.
I'll write if my head tells me to write.

Today, i mean just now, i read a very wonderful blog created by this guy i don't know who maybe is a friend of mine who is currently studying overseas and that guy probably is studying at the same place as he is. Got ya didn't i? I meant that.
Straight to the point.
His vocab is indescribable, his english is unbelievable AND, get this- he's a KEDAHAN!
Well, for most city slickers, people outside KL are deemed inferior compared to them in English.
I beg to differ though. I've met some friends who were exceptional in many ways in English.
Orang KL bagaikan katak di bawah tempurung, tak mahu keluar sebab fikir KL lagi best dari tempat lain. -IMHO-
That's why they have that kind of degrading way of thinking.
I used to think that way as well. I sincerely apologise.

Night everyone. Or someone, or anybody who reads my blog.