Saturday, May 23, 2009

Passion. Passssssiooooooooooooon!

Touching a bit on my previous post, yeah I know ACCA is the most popular professional program out there for accountants, but what is the purpose of me wasting thousands of my money learning and doing things that I do not like?
I asked John, why is it that I struggle so much yet achieve so little these past 4 1/2 years in UiTM. He said, "You have to like what you are doing, in other words, PASSION".
Now, passion is one thing that I do not have for this subject. The reason I took it in the first place is because:
1. UiTM came to me 1st offering me loan to study
2. My dad said that after degree I can do whatever I want to do (at that time, I wanted to become a pilot. Fate is cruel...)
I do not like the complexity and the absurdity (heh...) of accounting, so I decided NOT to continue studying it after this. Instead I will do something that I am comfortable at, such as Management. At least the answers are endless and there is never a correct answer. I like that.

I just watched Syurga Cinta. I am currently very tired to tell you the synopsis, so Google it out. A Malay man who has no Islamic knowledge falling in love with a very pious woman. The script is horrible and too goody-goody. Cliche, and very text book. Not natural. Simply, the movie SUCKED! Do not watch it. Horrible. I do not know why it is so hard for Malay film makers to make a good movie. Slumdog Millionaire did not cost a bomb, yet they blew everyone away. GOOD SCRIPT! You can hire unknown actors and the movie would still sell with a great script. PASSION! Come on Ahmad Idham, you can do better that this! Where is your pride as a Director? JPB is fantastic. This, and Impak Maksima just blows. I like good movies. That is why I love Hollywood. Most of them are good. Do not blame me for not supporting the country's film industry; blame the Directors.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Damn you!!!

I forgot why I became such a pessimists as I am today. Why I am so unmotivated, always demoralised, feeling stooopid all the time.


yes, YOU!



because of you, I'm gonna take CIMA. To hell with ACCA. HAHAHAHAHA!

p.s. Syarul, I'll put up the award after I deal with this SOAB. Thank you.

Yours politely,