Saturday, February 21, 2009

London Bridge is falling down...

Tokio Hotel is GAY

Haha! Just had to let it out. Can't stand 'em.

Anyways, one reason why it is sooooo hard to finish my journey log (or blog, whatever!) is the unbelievably slooooooooooow time to upload the photos! So, I'll just post a few photos and you guys can view the rest on my Friendster page (I hope there are still people who uses FS). I think I'm gonna open up a Facebook account. Friendster brings me never-ending sadness.

I went to Hyde Park. It was easy to get there. The tube stops directly underneath the park. My family used to go here a lot when I was a child. As you can see from the middle picture, the squirrels are quite tame. They're not afraid to approach people, provided you brought them something to eat. They're supposed to be in hibernation right now since it's winter. Hyde Park is huge. There's a funfair at that time. Very happening.

Yeap, The Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Walk. There are a few of 'em on the ground.

Memorial site of the past wars. World War 1 and 2. To remember those who have lost their lives valiantly to protect freedom (or whatever interest they have).

Westminster. What is so interesting about Westminster?

I think it is the most 'photographed' place of all time in England; the icon. When you see a picture of Big Ben, instantly you think of London. The Clock Tower, as un-famously knowned, is connected to the Palace of Westminster, or the parliament house where the Parliament of United Kingdom meet.

This is also where I met a lot of Malaysians (or Singaporeans). How do I know they're Malaysians? Their distinct way of wearing the tudung. You know what I'm talking about. Indonesians wear them differently to us Malaysians and Singaporeans. Haha!

I didn't take the Eye on London ride as it was full. You have to book online first.

I went to Tower Hill next. This is where the Tower of London and Tower Bridge is located.

London Bridge is falling down, falling down...

Nope, this is not the London Bridge we kept singing when we were in kindergarten. The London Bridge is the next bridge upstream. I know most people assume this is the London Bridge. Even I was fooled. Only when I referred to Wikipedia I realized the mistake (I always refer to wiki when I write my journey log to avoid mistake).

This, ladies and gentleman, is London Bridge.

Not so glamorous looking, is it? Haha. Somehow I can see the disappointment on your faces.

Found a nice spot. This pic was taken for me by a Malaysian family (I think)

Next, I went to the Tower of London. I didn't go in because it was already late. So I just took a look around. The Tower of London (or The Tower) is full of history and mystery. Imprisonment, beheadings, murder, Nazis, ghosts. You can read all about it in Wikipedia.

Me and my cousin, Adrian.

So, that's it for my London and UK tour. I went home the next evening, so the whole day spent shopping with my cousin.
I hope I can come again (Aizat, Yazrina and gang want to do their ACCA in Dublin! So, might get another chance for another cheap escapade...)
I would like to give my greatest gratitude and thanks to those who have welcomed me and made me feel at home, especially to Muaz and his housemates, Hijaz and his friends and my cousin Adrian.
Thank you! May we meet again...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Emirates Stadium

Seems like the person who made my previous template used photobucket and he/she exceeded her limit.
I want to finish my travel log today. I was in London for 3 days, but I didn't do much. So, I'll cram everything in one post.
Then, I'll have to complete all the outstanding tags. Sorry erin and shy and other people who tagged me for the delay.
Because of the very long delay in reporting my travels, I've actually forgotten what day I did the activities.
So, what I did may not be in order. Haha!
So, here goes :

I arrived at London in the afternoon, around 1 I think. My cousin came and picked me up.
We went to Tesco first for a 'lil bit of shopping because he organised a party at his house later that night. Lots of booze; bottles of wine and crates of beer.
We had lunch at home, his friend actually prepared roast beef to welcome me.
Unfortunately because it was non-halal, I had to skip the meat.
I bought 'instant' fish 'n chips earlier at Tesco, so I had it for lunch instead.
His house have 5 floors, and my room is at the 5th floor; the attic.
His housemate used it as his music instrument store. He's (the housemate, not my cousin) a music composer. Very interesting.
The view from my 'penthouse'.

I didn't go anywhere that day. I rested and stayed in my room the whole day. I also overslept and missed the party. Not that I was eager to join, but out of respect for my host and my cousin, I just had to join. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunate), I slept like a log.

The next day was kinda interesting.
My cousin got me the 'Oyster Card'; kinda like the "touch 'n go" we have here in Malaysia. It is a prepaid card that acts as a ticket for any public transport (except taxi) in London.
Very useful and saves a lot of money. Cheaper than buying normal ticket.
I used their Underground, a subway train system that is very useful if you want to go anywhere in London.
I visited Stamford Bridge first. Not as big as I thought. Hehe

I can see the field. So near, yet so far...

I am not a fan of Chelsea, mind you. I just went there to see how the stadium looks like. It is okay. Not bad.
THE HIGHLIGHT of the day has got to be my visit to Emirates Stadium where my team, Arsenal plays. I didn't go to the stadium first because Stamford Bridge is nearer.
Anyways, compared to Stamford Bridge, Emirates Stadium is huge! Much bigger than Chelski's stadium!

The fans making their appreciation seen. 'Viva Fabregas!' Done when the stadium was in construction, perhaps.

More pictures at the Emirates Stadium.

I went inside their shop, called 'The Armoury' and bought a jersey for myself. Made in Indonesia but what do I care? I bought it at the stadium! That's what matters! Haha
My only biggest regret is not taking the stadium tour. What a blow.
A tour was about to start when I came. But I could not find the booth to get a ticket for it. Once I've found it, the tour have already started. The next one would be at 3 o'clock, but it would be very late for me. It gets dark really quick in winter. I hate winter.

Then, I went to Earls Court. My aunt used to live there so we went there quite a lot.
A stroll down memory lane, kinda.
Lots of Halal restaurant there. I bought a kebab for lunch and then went to Tesco to buy food for my journey the next day.

Okay, I lied. This is not all that I did in those 3 days, there are actually more.
But because the internet is not that good right now, posting this is safer. I don't want to write all these stuff again.
I'll make another post on my journey after this.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


kalau siapa tanya mana pergi penulis ni, jawapannya 'aku sibuk. sibuk la kau'. blog aku nampak pelik? dah la. aku sibuk.