Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guts and gusto

Hye people. Its been a long time, isn't it?
I've been very happy, and happy people don't have things to talk very much. ;p
Happy convocation guys, all of you deserved it.
All those sweat and tears, all those steps you took to get to class (when the elevators are not working), the marching in Kesatria, the Hari Kemerdekaan celebration at the stadium, the awful registration process we go through every semester; all of those for that particular day. Convocation.
You guys did well. Some of you bloody well!
I witnessed your sacrifices, i saw how you guys worked so hard, it wasn't easy, but you guys made it!
Absolutely proud, guys! Four and a half years! Straight after SPM! Others got big breaks after SPM, we went straight back to hell! Did it with guts, finished with gusto!
I am not so fortunate, along with few other guys (and gals), consequences of mistakes that we made, but truthfully we share the happiness that u guys felt.
We went through the same thing, together. We just got stuck somewhere in the middle (in my case, at the end).
You guys achievements does not hearten us, instead we get motivation. It lit the fire in us to work extra harder to catch up to you guys. We want to experience it too. We worked hard too. We deserve it too.
I was very happy to see Syahidatul happy! So do watching you guys at the ceremony. All full of smiles.
Good luck everyone. Good luck in your life and your future undertakings.
Be successful, but never forget the memories and bonds that we have. Successful people never forget those things.


p.s. aku dah datang korang nyer konvo, datang la jugak aku punya. (T.T)