Saturday, August 30, 2008


Pinch me, punch me on the face, kick me on the guts, throw a bucket of water at me, anything!
Just please!!!
Wake me up from this horrible, god-awful, unbelievably long and torrid nightmare of mine.....
I just don't want this horrible feeling of despair and loneliness any more.
It's killing me slowly...
Ya Allah, sakitnya...

Sunday, August 3, 2008


Cats are held dear in Muslim civilization. Muslims cannot take dogs as pets so cats are preferred. Besides, Prophet Muhammad PBUH also had a cat as pet, and He loved His cat dearly. Once, Prophet Muhammad was called to prayer (azan), Prophet Muhammad saw that His cat, Muezza slept on His robe. Instead of disturbing Muezza's sleep, Prophet Muhammad cut off his robe and went to pray.
Abu Hurairah meanwhile means Father of Cats. You see?

My family have taken care of cats for as long as I could remember. I had a few myself and I remembered that I once cried when a cat of mine died after being hit by a car. Our lawn is like a cat's grave. We had buried countless cats that have died while in our care. Taking care of cats takes a lot of time but the loyalty and the love we gain from them is priceless.

Currently we have one cat at our hom, Momo. My sister loves him very much so I'll just say it's her cat. She have him as a wallpaper in her phone, she recorded the cat's meow to be used as her ringtone, and she calls her 'baby', 'sayang' and 'darling'!

Momo. Huge fat cat!

We got Momo castrated (sunat) earlier this year. We don't want him to impregnate any more female cats that will most likely give birth at our house. Besides, it will make him more disciplined. Castrated cat will throw away their habit of 'marking' their territory, picking up fights, and looking for a mate.

Let's cut the story short shall we? haha
So, basically Momo is now a bit wacko. Something went to his brain i guess. Potential side effects of bersunat perhaps?
How wacko? He's terrified of going out; he sprints back in after going out for just a moment. Due to that, he loves to defecate in our room. He sleeps all day. He goes in our room through the window at 3/4 am and make loud noises begging us to give him food. What else? There are more actually.

Our solution? We decided to adopt another cat from animal shelter home. P.A.W.S (Progressive Animal Welfare Society) is the nearest, nearby Airport Subang.
We went there a few weeks back and found some cute kittens that we like. But unfortunately, kittens will be kept at the shelter for at least 3 months. During those 3 months, they will be given shots, castrated, potty trained and taken care of. Some cats are in horrible shape, we felt sorry for them. These cats are street cats that good samaritans brought in because of pity. That's why I strongly believe that people should castrate their pets. If you don't want to take care of their offsprings, castrate them. Don't throw them away, even at the nearby pasar malam. Don't be such a cruel, cruel human being. It pains me to see a sick cat or kitten lying beside the road.

We're a human being. Perfect creatures created by God, given heart to care just not other human beings, also other creatures as well. Use them well as repayment for our faith and thanks to God. Okay? Good.

Let me state this clear:
1- I blog in English not because I am prouder of the language than my mother tongue, it is because this is how I practice and maintain my standard of English.
2- I blog in English not because I want to show-off, it is because this is how I practice and maintain my standard of English.
3- I know I'm not that good in English and my writings aren't that nice, but this is how I.......I don't need to repeat my self, do I?

Suka hati mamat tu la dia nak tulis blog dia dalam English ke, BM ke. Bahasa yang paling banyak digunakan dalam dunia pon Mandarin. Bukan English! So screw you who to criticize Misai.

Just another random ramblings (amboi! panjangnye melalut!)