Thursday, April 23, 2009


Definitely one of my favourite branch of rock music.
Full of fangirls (they are composed of handsome people), but they play good music!
I like them the most :

Mucc (or mukku as fans call them). Classified as a visual-kei band.

L'arc~en~ciel (or Laruku) The Rainbow in French.

Laruku's songs are feel good songs. They make you want to jump and sing.
Mucc on the other hand, play kinda dark, deep, depressing songs. Strange why I said that eventhough I don't know a thing about what they are singing.

They are alike in a sense that they have fantastic Bass guitar play. Yeah, I am a sucker for bass guitars...

My favourite Mucc's songs are: Zetsubou (means despair in English, see??), Libra, Ryuusei
Laruku: Link, Ready Steady Go, Daybreak's Bell, Spirits Dream Inside

Thanks to my late brother who exposed me to these bands, thanks to Afro for reminding me how great they are and introducing me to Mucc.

I'll put their songs in my music player later after my Risk exam.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Opportunity cost

I had a great time in Dublin and London. It filled my once bleeding and empty heart with joy and wonderful memories. But, I went there alone. Yes, I had wonderful friends there but the fact is I went there alone. While I was there, my friends in Shah Alam went on a trip to Langkawi. Based on the pictures taken by Aizat and Harun, I'm sure they had an amazingly wonderful time. Well, I had other plans at that time, so it couldn't be helped.

But this time though, it's different. They planned another trip and the destination is Pulau Perhentian. I don't think I've been there before but I'm sure the place is stunningly beautiful. I have the chance to go with them but unfortunately, the UK trip exhausted me off my savings. I never had any financial difficulties before because I always have some money I put aside just for this kind of scenario. The trip I took last year however, forced me to use those money. And now I'm broke.

I'm not in a desperate situation, but I need a lot of money. Now I even have to think TWICE whether or not to play futsal. I have the intersession coming up, so I still have to use money to pay for the rent and food. The budget for the trip is estimated at RM 300. If I decide to join, my budget will be RM 700 - RM 300 = RM 400 for the whole month of May. That's a suicidal.

This is the last semester for them and after this some of us will not see each other again. The trip is basically our last chance of having fun together but I can't join them. It pains my heart so much but that's the opportunity cost I have to endure. I have to face the fact that the decison I made last year forced me to take this painful decision.

My decision to go on a trip to UK cost me the Langkawi trip and possibly the Pulau Perhentian trip as well. To my friends, I'm truly sorry I cannot join you guys. We might never see each other again, but believe me, you guys will forever be in my heart.

Wonderful people, wonderful memories.
Picture credit to Aizat. I think... I forgot. Haha! Sorry dude

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sorry for the no-show blog

Unfortunately I have been hit by the writer's block.
That explains the 'No Update' for weeks already.
I do have things I would like to randomly ramble, but unfortunately the moment I touch the keyboard, everything evaporates.

So, don't blame me. Blame the QWERTY!
Bad keyboard! Baaaaaaaaaad!
Just realized that Estranged is actually awesome. No, really!
I thought they are just like normal Malaysian rockers who sings love songs aaaaaaaaaall the time. No they don't!
Went and saw them perform at Sunburst. Their performance was awesome!
They actually sing REAL rock songs! So catchy. So jump-able. Kinda like Metal. haha
The girls love Andy, the drummer. I liked their bassist. Very sempoi! You can see that he actually enjoys playing his bass guitar.
They were very energetic as well at our Pre-Graduation dinner. Fantastic showmanship.
Bravo Estranged!
To those who don't wear their seatbelts, front or back, here's a video for you. Taken from Metacafe. Watch 'till the end and LEARN!

Accident - Watch more amazing videos here

3 people in the car wore seatbelt. 1 selfishly didn't. During the crash, the one who didn't wear the seatbelt killed all 3 of his friends who did.
You don't want to wear your seatbelt? Fine. But only when you drive alone. Because you wouldn't be able to hurt others, only yourself.
If you're in my car, you wear them. I INSIST!