Saturday, May 31, 2008

Your worst/most embarassing moment ever?!

I read somewhere that water have the power to increase/mutiply whatever memories that you have inside your brain.
Scientists made the discovery, and i am the victim of it. The water! not the scientists. hehe.
Because every time i take a shower, all the painful and embarrassing memories comes back to haunt me! Multiplied!!!
Crazy stuff, i tell you the water. It must be the complicated chemistry-atom-bonding-thingy that is H2O.
Some things are better left forgotten, you know?? For example, going to sekolah menengah with an unzipped pants! Especially when all of the kids at the school noticed it except e-m-b-a-r-r-a-s-s-i-n-g...


Ignorance is bliss to the 'ignorants'

I used to like the word 'Ignorance is bliss'.
But, not anymore, not anymore.
Because it means you are a selfish person who doesn't think of other people's feelings or hardships they go through due to your ignorance.
An example?
I'll give you one. It's not that I hate these people; it's their habit that I hate/detest.


You want to smoke? Fine. But do it somewhere else, where there are no people; with someone else who share your same passion of suiciding slowly.
Their habit loves! the term/word 'ignorance is bliss'.
Where do they conduct their professional practice?
  • Public places of all places!
  • Mosque! beside the signboard 'masjid ialah kawasan larangan merokok' and under the signboard 'merosakkan diri adalah berdosa dalam agama Islam'. Wow! Aren't we genius folks or what?
  • I know i've already included public places, but i think this needs another mention; Mamak! Man, not all people like to die young, you know? Give us a chance to extend our lives 10 years or two...
Perfect usage of the term. Can't think of anything else to explain the meaning more. Well done Malaysians, and Malays! not to forget...

Also, i think, a new term should be introduced:


Thursday, May 29, 2008

New post!

I thought of making a post today, but i used my time trying to beautify my page.
Need to sleep. Exhausted! From changing the layout of my blog!
Man, I need to sleep.

You're lucky if you read this. Tomorrow, I mean today! In the morning, i'll edit this post.
I'll fill it with some interesting topic.

Change is good...

I'm bored looking at my blog. So i changed it. A bit.
Colour this and there...

Actually I suck doing creative things. Not my area of expertise.
At least i tried. Thank God and Blogspot for the templates.
I don't have to do anything! Hehe.
Now, I need to learn how to put pictures in it.
More pictures, yes-yes. No picture, no-no.
I'll make my blog interesting!
Yes I will!

Change is good. Change is good...

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wow! Really? You serious??

Well, holiday! Not just ordinary holiday where you go "wee!" one minute, "yeay!" for a few days, "no!" after a few weeks, "argh!" when class starts again.
This is the "wee!" for 7 (maybe more?) whole months!
But it's not all fun and play actually; my practical training starts on the 2nd June (supposed to be 1st but because it's on Sunday).
It's pretty nerve wrecking, considering the fact I have no experience whatsoever working, part-time or full-time.
I don't know what to expect and how I am going to manage myself and impress my employer.
Oh well, "experience maketh the man", as they say.
I'll just give it a go. Who knows, it might reinvigorate my passion for accountancy.

It's so difficult to write my blog these days. I just don't know what to write in it!
Syahidatul kept pestering me to write 'cause she liked to read it.
I can't leave a blank space in my blog, can i?
I'll find an interesting topic to write on.