Saturday, January 2, 2010

In an ideal muslim world...

Today, something came to my mind.
What if, we live in an ideal muslim world;
where women do not wear skimpy, tight-fitting clothes and instead wear baju kurung or jubah.
Would the perception of beauty change?

We have been fed with images of women in skimpy clothing and tight fitting clothes ever since we were born.
In effect, we assume beautiful women must have curvaceous body, long legs, tall, flowing hair, this kind of face, that skin colour, this big of a breast, etc, etc...

If we didn't grow up exposed to those kind of images?
I'm sure the word beauty will carry a different meaning.
Beautiful is the heart, the smile, the personality.
No one is judged based on appearance as no comparison is made.
No one set what is beautiful and what is not.
There will be no 'She has a beautiful body like that certain model', 'She has a beautiful face like that actress'.
There will only be 'She is beautiful'

If only we live in an ideal muslim world, I believe that no women will be discriminated, and prejudiced based on looks.
But we live in the reality.
What we can do is to change our mindset, to look into a person's ability, personality and inner beauty. Not the faces, the body.
As beauty is only skin deep, and it doesn't last forever.
Food for thought.