Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I want a break from accounting, so i got a break from accounting.
Lessen the burden on my soul. And mind.

Do I like my new job?
Heck no!
Answering calls and solve their problems is not my cup of tea.
I get to do competitors' research.
I get to test their new online program.
I'm the youngest, so they expect I know all things old people don't.

I appreciate the trust and responsibility. And the workload.
No job is easy.
Earning money works a sweat.

I'll get around it somehow.
To the job I love most.
In the mean time, Alhamdulillah.

I'll take care of the bills, papi.
I'll give you extra allowance, mommy.
Brother's gonna bring you to the movies.
What? Toy Story?
Sure, gladly!

1 comment:

Faris Nasir said...

"They look oh-so-successful and oh-so-happy and oh-so-responsible and reliable."

Success and happiness, we may have em now, but may not then.

But, it happens now that you are the one that's so responsible and reliable in my eyes.

Man, you're a great guy.