Monday, May 24, 2010

Of Lamborghini and Degree.

Convocation timeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay not.

What's so special, huh? huh?? huh???
Hot and humid, the hall is not nice (avoiding using negative word, like ugly. lolz), not grand, plain, old, creaky, dangerous (kinda look like it).

I've seen my friends' convocation overseas. OMFGBBQWTF! MAJESTIC! That's how it should be done.
The hall is grand. Or, maybe a stadium. Full of win.
I want a freaking ceremony in a park!!! That's hot! No. Not hot hot. But hot awesome hot.
I'd like to show you a picture. I kinda saw a picture of a friend of mine, his ceremony was freaking cool. But i forgot who, hence I can't find the picture.
So, no picture.
Imagine it yourself.
At night, on a park, with lots of lights.


Actually, the fact is, I'm just plain disappointed. I'm not proud at all of my achievements. I think it is below par. Waaaaaay below.
I felt it when I took my Diploma. I set my mind not to feel the same thing when I take my Degree.


Hence the name of the blog. I screwed up.


But I'm sure I'll forget all about it when I get my hand on my first million ringgit.

And Lamborghini.


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