Sunday, April 11, 2010

Its been a long time...

I miss him.
Doing nothing at home makes me bored.
And when i'm bored, only one person comes to mind.
Nothing is boring when he's there with me. There's always something that's entertaining.
Sometimes I wish I have so many things to do just to keep my mind off things. Like remembering the past.

He's gone now.
And i haven't visited him for a very long time. Very very long time.
He must be lonely too, huh? Just like me.
Going there exhausts me.
My mental state is just not up to the task.

Got to get myself a job real quick.
I don't look good compared to my other friends.
They look oh-so-successful and oh-so-happy and oh-so-responsible and reliable.

Nak jadik suami orang pon x boleeeeeeey...

1 comment:

Si Dewi Cumel said...

ashraf, kau pn berjaya okey.